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I told you, I was trouble....

You know I'm up to no Good again.....

; )

Emperor Palpatine declares: Commence Order 66!

mr. brightsyde



On a subtle note, i do realise most of my post are often negative and depressing. If you're looking for bright fake smiles and all-day sunshine, try here. Just not this slate. This is just a channeling medium for my thoughts and inner clockwork.

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If you don't recognise me anymore.. same over here.. I don't recognise myself at times anymore..

So... it ends.

Closing this blog.

Twitter for now.

Funny how i started so feverishly during my first year.. then slowing down in the second.. then in the final year.. nothing at all?

getting old, jaded and cynical of humanity. 

1 big cycle. 1 big loop.

comes to a close. today.

So i graduated... that means........


I graduate with First Class.


and that means ... it's time to say good bye very soon to this blog.

Pleasant memories i had, but not too many.

i must warn you...

i'm closing this blog very soon, after my graduation.

closing.. to be exact, halting any further posts.

this blog was a continuation of my previous blogpost scribblings about my army life...

which has been deleted...

and the backup copy was in my external HDD...

which got wrecked........


yep. The End of sharing with the world my twisted thoughts.

Onward and Beyond, with Twitter.

in anycase, make an effort to watch Dr Strangelove (1964).

Good Kubric film.

till the next update, somewhere in June / July.

Till then. It was nice for all of you who read my blog posts.

It's time for me to move on.

Farewell, Mr McQueen.

I quote: one of @McQueenWorld last tweets,

"but life must go on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 11:47 AM Feb 3rd from web"

:( disappointing :(

sigh. suicide, is never the wisest choice.

the pain may sting, but Life still MUST GO ON.

i pray that i do not follow his footsteps,

however weak i may be.

a short reflection .

3 years ago, just before i left for UK, august-ish period of '07.

completed the game Bioshock.

fast forwarding it.

we're back here again. Bioshock 2.

reminded me a few lessons, in life.

such as..

1)trying to save the world? (naive thinking again.)

2)the bond between a child and a parent. the amount of sacrifice.

will i ever know how much sacrifice is needed?

i will never know. till i get married. if i do. get. married.

3) lastly of all, the ability to forgive.

i think Heavy Rain would be more closer to that, than this game.

but the ability to forgive all sin, against one who has sent you to hell.

i can't do that. not today. not this week nor year.

somewhere deep inside me, lies the true monster.

the Hate monster. feeding off anger.

its really like splicing my soul up for more power. messedup.

the game stirred quite a number of emotions within me. but then again,

it'll fade away, as life takes over once again.

all i know is, Life's too short to waste. Ha.

the irony.

of me.

FYI: I'm alive.

still alive.

busy with work.

hopefully i grown out of that emo/fagshit persona that i created over the years.

going to London this saturday, Dover Street Market !

awesome place to visit.

and a great place to let loose your wallet.


the missing piece.

i think only in the face of death, then you finally find the missing piece of the puzzle.

The Will to Live & Fight On.

we live like there's no tomorrows, living out our hedonistic fantasises.

yet, people are living in cardboxes, dying under rubble.

the divide in this world, is this the act of god?

i've just read the latest article on the SGD $330million dollar church being erected up in Singapore.

i've abandoned religion, after realising the fallacies of man with religon

religion is man-made.

we don't need religion,

we only need...

the will to survive.

Lessons in 2009.

1) Never be a nice guy.

This includes helping and extending a helping hand, trying to help someone to get a job.

You will get a middle finger back, after the job is done. They will tell you to F off after they're done with you.

2) Never dump all of your hopes into one girl.

As above. Atypical mistake of mine.

3) <3 will not save the world, only Power will.

people are there for the value you have, and that's that.

money is value, and value creation equates to power.

we're just chasing our own tails, called money.

4) Learn to...

Activate the "Selfish Gene"

and ..

Learn the Art of Self-Preservation

.. will fill in the rest when i'm settled down.

till then, I'm done trying to save the world, the trees and the fucking dolphins.

But, will think twice when trying to save the Cheerleader.

(depends on whether there will be any reward for the effort. Life's like that. Cutthroat and Cruel.)

call me blind, call me unkind.

24th bday.

so. 24th.

doesnt really matter much.

another socialising session.

i'm always at social events.

but inside, i'm so alone and cold.

still finding the other half of me.

probably in the Year 2020.